Why You Should Try Speed Dating

Are your current dating methods getting you nowhere? Are you struggling to meet likeminded people in your area? Maybe it's time to give speed dating a try. There are many reasons why you should try speed dating sooner rather than later. It’s a unique way to mingle with other singles locally, in a safe, managed environment. And it’s also a lot of fun, with every event providing a good night out.Perhaps you’ve been thinking about it for a while. Or maybe you made a resolution to give it a go, but haven’t quite got there yet. We take a look at the many benefits you could be missing out on if you haven’t yet taken the plunge.

Why you should try speed dating

This question could also be re-framed as why shouldn’t you try speed dating? You really have nothing to lose, apart from a few hours of your time, and the ticket price. But you will gain valuable opportunities, connections and the guidance of experienced experts in the field.

Is speed dating worth it?

The speed dating experience

Most events have a ticket price of around £20 (some a little more, some considerably less). This covers the admin involved, hiring the venue and the host’s fee for the night. We take care of everything and provide a great night out, with the opportunity to meet a mate for life.

Speed dating is never a waste of time. All dating, whether on apps, in person, or online comes without guarantees in terms of a long-term relationship. But there’s huge value in meeting new people, getting a better understanding of what you’re looking for in a significant other and finding out more about yourself in the process.

Whatever your personality type, speed dating will work for you. Our hosts ensure those who are shy and nervous are put at ease, while outgoing types revel in the chance to meet many people in a short space of time. There really is no other way to come face to face with so many singles in your region, so quickly. And because events are organised by age category, you’ll be even closer to a suitable match.

The speed dating experience

A major reason that these events work so well is their formatting. There's a science to it and even before you even arrive at the venue, you know what to expect, what will happen and what is expected of you. So - unlike regular dates - fear of the unknown is not an issue with this. It’s a stress-free, safe and easy way to do it.

Following the speed dating rules

Each event follows a clear set of rules. This means you can prepare ahead of time. And you’re not going to get stuck with someone you don’t click with, as the host will ensure everyone moves on to the next seat after a set time. Afterwards, no one gets your details without your permission, and you only get matched if you both liked each other. As such, it offers a fully safe and secure process before, during and immediately after the event. And if you’ve changed your mind the next day, you’re under no obligation to have another date with your match.

How to speed date successfully

Of course, the main draw with speed dating is the chance to meet your future perfect life partner. So many people have achieved this by attending a speed dating event and this is the ultimate reason you really should try it.

Speed dating with no matches - why you should try speed dating more than once

Even if you don’t get a match it doesn’t mean you’ve been unsuccessful. It’s quite normal to attend a few nights before finding someone you hit it off with. It can be a numbers game, so if at first, you don’t succeed - try again!

Try speed dating

So now you’ve learned more about what’s involved and all the benefits, why not book onto an event? If you’re still feeling a little unsure, perhaps arrange to go with a friend or group of friends. The next step is locating a night nearby, at a time and date that suits you.

Speed dating in London and beyond

Speed dating in London

There are lots of events happening all year round in London and all the major towns and cities around the UK. Simply click here to find one near you and see where your speed dating journey could take you.

You may even find events happening at your local or favourite bar, meaning you’ll get a night out somewhere you know and like, as well as fantastic dating opportunities and plenty of laughs.

Related Questions

  • How do you prepare for speed dating?
We recommend planning what you’re going to wear, the topics you’d like to talk about and how you’d answer questions you might be asked - bearing in mind the time limitations. It’s also good to work out how you’ll get to and from the venue, so you’re not worrying at the last minute or running late.
  • How does speed dating work?
You get to ‘date’ everyone (of the opposite sex) in the room, for a few minutes. After each date, a bell is rung, and the guys move along one seat until everyone has had a chance to meet. Afterwards, you let the organisers know who you like. Find out more about how speed dating works here.