Virtual Online Speed Dating UK

Virtual Speed Dating: All The Reasons Why To Take Your Speed Dating online!

As the UK’s favourite speed dating company, we have over 18 years of experience making matches. Now, as well as providing face to face events, we are offering an innovative and exciting new way of meeting eligible singles. Dating sites are not for everyone. So, if you’d prefer to try something fun and interactive that works the same way as live events and still brings great results. Come along and try virtual speed dating to discover how easy it is for you to start speed dating this way online!

Date in person, but from home

For those who can’t leave the house or prefer to stay in, it’s vital to still have the opportunity to meet and chat with new people. The options for this had previously been limited, but now virtual speed dating means you can cover a lot of ground in a short space of time from your sofa, or kitchen table.

No need to travel

Forget having to jump on a bus, trains or pay for taxis. Attend one of our virtual events and you can save time, effort and money. And if you’ve been home working all day, it creates a great change of pace and atmosphere for your evening. You’ll feel like you’ve had a night out, having a night in.

Meet via webcam

It’s the next best thing to chatting in real life. Unlike scrolling through inanimate photos and sending text-based messages, watching someone on a webcam uncovers their body language, mannerisms and charisma, meaning you can make a faster and more accurate judgement as to whether you’ll click. No wasting time and energy on fruitless lengthy dates and messages. With this type of dating, you can make your decision in four minutes and then move on to the next person.

Socialise and have fun online

Just like our events held in public venues, everything is taken care of on the night. All you have to do is click on a link and you will arrive at our online reception room where you will meet our host who will guide you from there. It couldn’t be easier. How else could you socialise and have a laugh with access to a whole new bunch of people, without leaving the house? Even if finding a relationship doesn’t feel like a priority right now, virtual speed dating is a superb addition to your social life and a fantastic way to stay connected.

Stay safe and secure

You don’t have to give out your personal details (like your Skype or Zoom address or social media account names) to video date potential matches, as you would if arranging a screen meet with someone from an online dating site for example. Instead, this is all done safely via our platform, keeping your data anonymous. After the event, your details will only be shared with your match/es providing you agree to give consent. And as you don’t need to leave your residence, there are no worries about getting home late at night if you live out of town.

Here are some more great reasons to give virtual speed dating a try:

  • Matches are emailed within 24 hours (no waiting around wondering)

  • Equal numbers of men and women at each event

  • Easy to use platform/website

  • High-end tech for the best visual and audio experience

  • Excellent customer service with quick responses to questions

  • Your next event for free, if you do not meet anyone you would like to see again