What to Wear for Speed Dating Success 


You’ve booked a place at a speed dating event. Now your thoughts turn to your wardrobe and what to wear for the night. Is there a dress code and how can you make an impression?  When deciding what to wear for speed dating success, there are a number of factors to consider. The venue, season, time of night and your personality all play a part in the choice. Enhance your best features and stand out from the crowd. 

In this article, we share our top tips for picking an outfit in which you’ll look - and feel - at your best.  

What to wear to a singles event 

Speed dating tips

Speed dating is unlike other forms of dating. You may wonder if the same ‘rules’ apply to choose your apparel. In speed dating, it’s your top half that’s primarily seen. So those statement trousers or a fancy skirt might not be the best move. Instead, focus on the areas that are more visible.  

A generic singles event is not necessarily the same as speed dating. In terms of clothes, the big difference is that you’ll probably be standing up at a singles event in a bar - meaning your lower half will be seen throughout. Or it might involve an activity that requires appropriate gear - like hiking or biking.  

What to wear for a speed dating event 

It shouldn’t be too formal, nor too casual. 

If the venue is fancy, dress accordingly, or if it’s a laid back bar, go for a more paired down vibe. Generally, it’s best to opt for a smart-casual look - the kind of thing you might wear going out for a relaxed dinner.   

It helps to throw in some colour or a noticeable accessory to help attendees remember you. And everything should always be clean, free from creases (apart from crease styled linen), fresh-smelling, in a good state of repair and suited to your build. 

What should a man wear to a speed dating event? 

What should a man wear speed dating?

Pinterest can be a good source of inspiration if you’re not into fashion but want to look sharp. In terms of specifics, here are some outfits that tend to work well.  

  • Smart suit style jacket with a nice t-shirt, good quality jeans (skinny or straight-cut, according to your shape) and a pair of casual brogues.  
  • Polo shirt, slacks and stylish trainers.  
  • Well-fitting shirt with a high v-neck sweater, jeans or chinos or mules.  
If you struggle to work out what suits you, most stores have someone who can help and will be only too happy to advise. If you have the budget for it, visiting a personal shopper or in-store stylist can be a great way to go. And don’t forget to wear a nice aftershave.  

What should a woman wear speed dating?

What should a woman wear speed dating?

Don’t feel you have to fit a mould or stereotype. If you hate heels and dresses, don’t wear them. Be yourself - but on a good day! Here are some good outfits for women:  

  • Smart jeans, a fitted rolled sleeve jacket and a shirt with pumps.  
  • A jersey or cotton dress (seasonally dependent) with knee-high boots/opaque tights or strappy sandals. 
  • A pencil skirt with a blouse and kitten heels.  
You can also have a lot of fun with accessories and colour - a statement necklace, hair ties or earrings will help you stand out. If you wear make-up, keep to what you might wear for drinks out with friends. Let your personality come through in what you wear. Don’t hide, or try and blend in, be who you are. Equally, don’t feel like you suddenly have to adopt an ‘out there’ style.  

Speed dating etiquette: How do you prepare for speed dating? 

Plan your outfit in advance. This will avoid any rash panic buys, which could result in you not looking like yourself. If it’s something you haven’t worn in ages, try it in plenty of time to check it still fits (you don’t want those trousers to split when you sit down!).   

And be appropriate. Don’t wear overly revealing or skin-tight stuff - your dates might not know where to look and everyone will feel awkward. 

If you look great, chances are you’ll feel it too. It’s as important to dress for yourself as for others. The increased confidence this brings will show - and this always makes people look more attractive to the opposite sex. 

Speed dating tips: Reddit advice on clothes 

Reddit forums on this topic can be a great place to pick up ideas and find out what has worked for other people.  

This is a great excuse to buy something new if you love shopping trips, or checking out online fashion sites. And it’s a good opportunity to wear anything suitable in your wardrobe that doesn’t get out and about very often. Most of all, have fun choosing what to wear for speed dating success and enjoy the night. This could be the first of very many great dates to come.  

Related Questions

  • How long does speed dating last? 
It depends on how many people there are attending, but it’s likely to be two to three hours. Because you’ll be on a chair for a fairly long time (and women don’t move at all, so will be sitting for the full duration), you’ll want to pick clothes in which you feel comfortable seated.  
  • How do I find speed dating near me?  
You can search on Google, Eventbrite, social media or other local listings. Click here to find a Slow Dating night near you. There are plenty of options available in all major cities and towns in the UK.