Recently Single? 11 Things to Try if You're Newly Single

Have you experienced a break-up, and are wondering what to do next and how to fill your time?  If you are a recently single man or woman, you may feel a bit lost if it wasn’t what you wanted or if you were in a long term relationship. But there are plenty of new adventures, opportunities and experiences ahead. You just need to know how - and where - to find them. 

In this article, we’ll reveal the ways that you can make the most of this period, have fun by yourself and meet someone new,  

Are you recently single? 

Whether you’re heartbroken, relieved, or something in between, finding yourself suddenly single can be quite a shock to the system. Everyone has different attitudes toward singleness.

For some, it’s exciting, full of possibility and freedom, while for others it can feel like a real blow and a depressing prospect. But whatever your perspective, we have lots of suggestions to keep you busy and discover a whole new world.   

Activities to do when newly single 

  • Take up a sport
  • Try yoga or Tai Chi
  • Start dancing
  • Get a new haircut
  • Learn a language 
  • Go on holiday
  • Volunteer
  • Go to a singles event
  • Have a clear-out or spring clean
  • Prioritise friends and family 
  • Enjoy some ‘me time’
Let’s get stuck into some of the many activities that are perfect for those just out of a relationship.  

Newly single how to meet someone

newly single

1. Take up a sport

Instead of lazy nights in front of the telly with your ex, get active. You’ll feel great for it and meet new people in the process. The extra exercise will also have you glowing, toned and looking your best. It doesn’t have to be anything full-on like joining a rugby team or rowing if you’d rather not. Ping-pong and swimming are less intense and very popular.  

2. Try yoga or Tai Chi

Not into sports? That’s ok, there’s plenty of other ways to feel great and work out. They might be a little less interactive, but these meditative classes are ideal for keeping a tip-top mindset.  

3. Start dancing

Another way to work out, dance classes are fun, high energy places to be. Take a look at salsa, lindy bop, Leroc, Mo-jive, street, Irish, Scottish (ceilidh) and line dancing. Or head out to club night.  

4. Get a new haircut

Or a new colour, or extensions. Changing your hairstyle can be really empowering and alter your look completely. Which is why so many people do it after a breakup. If you’re hard-up for cash, go to a student hairdresser - many will offer cuts and styles for free.  

Newly single in a new city

Recently single in a new city

5. Learn a language 

Or brush up on one you already know a little. This is a great activity, as it can be done with others in classes and conversation practice meet-ups.

Or via apps in dead time - like commuting and before falling asleep at night - when your mind can be tempted to wander to your ex. Once you’ve got it nailed, it gives you a great excuse to head on an overseas trip and try it out. Which brings us onto...  

6. Go on holiday

This can be something many people find daunting on their own, but travelling alone can be one of the most edifying things you’ll do. If you don’t fancy some solo backpacking, take an arranged tour for single travellers. If you’re put off by the idea that these could be matchmaking events, choose one that caters for any solos, including those who are in relationships, but who are choosing to travel by themselves.

Many offer lots of adventure and unique opportunities like working with African elephants, trekking in Nepal, discovering the wildlife and beaches of Costa Rica, Ayurvedic wellness retreats in India and party city breaks.  

7. Volunteer

So many charities need help and giving one your extra time will not only benefit them, it’ll make you feel good. And who knows, you may meet a lovely charitable stranger in the process. 

8. Go to a singles event

These come in many forms. It could be a Meetup, mingling event in a bar or speed dating. Some online dating sites also arrange days and nights out - from escape games to ziplining and everything in between. 

9. Have a clear-out or spring clean

Ok, you might not be thrilled at the thought of ransacking your wardrobes, but Marie Kondo isn’t internationally popular for nothing. And there’s no better time than now. You’ll feel so much better afterwards and it’ll help you remove any upsetting items your ex may have left behind. Clothes, music, and kitchen cupboards are great places to start. And it doesn’t have to be spring to get started.


10. Prioritise friends and family 

Fill your calendar with lunch and coffee meets, pay a visit to your granny, organise a school reunion and throw a dinner party.  

11. Enjoy some ‘me time’

You might not be single for long, so maximise it by treating yourself. This could be a spa trip, listening to the music you love (but your ex hated), binging on Netflix, preparing your favourite meal, chilling at the beach or anything else you never had time or space to do when you were partnered up.  

We can’t cover every possibility here, as many options are specific to geographical areas or occasional. But we can tell you where to find them.

Check out what’s on in your city, town or region, with sites like EventbriteSkiddle and Time Out. There’s something for every budget, including lots of free events. And join local Facebook groups for the inside track on what’s happening near you.  

What do I do now that I'm single?

Newfound singleness propels many people to try new things, take up hobbies, explore different areas and travel. You may have a lot more time on your hands, more - or less - cash to spend and energy to invest in new areas.

There are lots of brilliant things to keep you occupied and adventures to be had.

So what should you try?    

What can a single person do for fun?  

Not everyone wants a relationship. Just fancy some fun? That’s all good. Just be sure to let anyone you hook up with or date, know the score.

Never give false intentions or lead people on. You might want to try sites like Tinder or arrange some nights out with some other mates.  

Things to do when single and bored 

Things to do when recently single

Learn a skill or take up a new hobby and you’ll always have something to do and ways to fill gaps in your time. Creative pursuits can be especially rewarding. You could learn an instrument and go to jams, try some improv comedy workshops, get into cooking (sure to impress future dates), or borrow a friend’s dog for some walks.  

Be sure you’re ready to move on before trying to meet someone new. Take some time to reflect on your previous relationship/s and identify what you need going forward - negative patterns and choices can repeat. This is a great time to change any bad or harmful habits.   

If you’ve had a particularly traumatic experience, experienced the death of a partner or a struggling to let go of your ex, it might be useful to have some counselling sessions. Therapy may not seem like the most interesting of our ‘recently single’ activity options, but it can be the most useful one.   

Newly single man

Once you’re ready, or if you’re already raring to go, it’s time to get ready to mingle! It may have changed if it’s a very long time since you were last on the dating scene. And the good news is, there are loads of options to suit you. You could head out with friends, take up a new hobby or opt for one of the many online dating sites and apps.

With so many to choose from it might seem overwhelming, so here’s a round-up of twenty of the most popular dating apps.  Or you might like to try some face to face events with singles in your area.   

Newly single dating | Speed dating for singles  

Single’s events and speed dating is an ideal way to meet a lot of people in a short space of time. Unlike the online route, you get to chat face to face, often a quicker way to work out whether you might be a fit. There’s no pressure and its lots of fun.   

And if you don’t match straight away, it can also be a great way to make some single friends. Many people find that after the break up of a long term relationship, existing couple friendships can be tricky. Some may side with your ex leaving you out in the cold. Or you may just want some like-minded company, rather than hanging out with loved-up pals all the time. Having a balance is ideal.  

My crush is newly single 

This is the news you’ve been waiting for! First, you must be sure they are definitely available and not just on a break. Remember Ross from Friends? 


Many relationships can fall into an on-again, off-again pattern and you don’t want to get caught up as the third person in that. Once you know they’re free, see if they’re up for a coffee, drink, or bite to eat. Watch out you don’t end up in the friends’ zone. Be sure to drop a few gentle hints, by complimenting them or flirting.  

How do you let someone know you're single? 

If you’re at a speed dating event or on an online dating site, it should be a given that you’re single. If you already know the person, you’re probably a friend or follower on social media. Facebook lets you update your relationship status so be sure to change it to ‘single’ as it’s probably the first place they’ll look.   

Don’t wear rings on the third finger of your left hand. While it doesn’t always mean someone’s married or engaged if they have some bling on it (it may just be a fashion choice), it’s long been a social signal that a ring = marriage on here.   

And of course, the failsafe way to let someone know you’re single is to tell them. It can be subtle, just by dropping it into a conversation or online post, or by saying it directly. 

Newly single quotes 

Above all have fun and even if your relationship status doesn’t feel ideal, stay positive. A lighthearted attitude and sense of humour will always serve you in good stead. With that in mind, here are some inspirational and funny quotes and amusing memes.   

Newly single memes 

Check out these memes. Sending a GIF or meme can be a fun way to break the ice with someone online.  

So how will you embark on this new season? Will you embrace it? You may well look back on this time as being some of the most fruitful in your life. Have fun, seize the day and try some new things you wouldn’t usually do.  

Related Questions 

  • Is there a reason I am still single? 
If you don’t want to be single, then it could be you’re not meeting enough people or the right kind of people for you. Try going along to some events, speed dating, or a different online dating service. If you have a friend who’d love to meet someone, why not gift them a speed dating voucher  
  • Are you single if you're not married? 
No, not necessarily. From a social perspective, you’re considered single if you’re not in a committed relationship. However, some official organisations may categorise you as single if you’re not cohabiting, married or in a civil partnership. This will likely only affect you when filling in forms.  
  • Is it good to be single or in a relationship? 
Many people prefer to have a partner for love and companionship. But it really is a personal preference. If you’ve just come out of a relationship, it’s usually good to spend some time as a single person rather than moving on straight away. This does depend on the individual though.