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Preparing for Online Speed Dating


Preparing for online speed dating looks a little different to standard speed dating events. While some of the things you’ll need to do remain the same, other considerations are specific to the virtual medium through which you’ll be meeting local singles. 

Whether it’s your first time chatting to people in this way, or you’ve been doing it for a while, we have some top tips to get you ready and raring to go. 

Preparing for online speed dating  

Online speed dating is much like regular speed dating, except it’s done virtually. You’ll still get to meet a number of single people in your area, in your age group, but you’ll do so via video link. This is why remote dating is super convenient. But there are some things you must do beforehand to prepare, and these mainly revolve around setting your camera, mic, sound and background.  

Online speed dating near me 

Your first step to prepare is to find an online event happening near you. You may be dating virtually, but it’s still important to book a local event, so you meet singles who’ll be geographically accessible. Although if you’re away travelling, or in another city on business, you can still take part – meaning you don’t miss out if you’re temporarily out of town.

A part of preparing is knowing what to expect. You’ll be given all the details to logon, then greeted by the host who’ll run the online proceedings. They’ll talk you through the night step by step, and place you into private chat rooms for each date. 

Online speed dating tips

While the host takes care of most aspects of the event, there are some things you need to think about before – and on – the night. Here are the dos and don’ts you may want to cover. 

Online speed dating dos and don’ts

Do set up your shot. Well before you’re due online, set up your laptop or device. You may want to use a stand, or a pile of books to prop it up. Having it slightly above you or on the level is usually much more attractive than beneath you – unless you want to look like you have a double chin, or provide an ‘up nostril’ view! And your shot includes the background, so make sure it looks good but isn’t too dictating. Some simple set dressing will work wonders.

Don’t overlook lighting. This is part of your set dressing. Check your shot to see if it’s bright enough and you can add extra atmosphere with fairy lights, downlighters or candles. 

Do make sure it’ll be quiet. Tell flatmates, family and kids to be quiet – if needs be, make a ‘do not disturb’ sign. If you have pets who make noise, put them in another room. 

Don’t neglect the sound. As well as checking your ambient sound won’t be a problem and that lighting is adequate, check your mic is picking up and set loud enough that you’ll be heard – the same applies to your speakers. Otherwise, you’ll waste valuable time asking them to repeat, or vice versa. 

Do prep some questions. You’ll need to have some chat ready just as soon as each slot begins. 

Don’t forget your answers. People often plan their questions but forget to think about how they might respond when asked common ones.  

Do check your internet connection. Make sure you’ve got stable WiFi and/or mobile data. If you’d rather not eat into your mobile data, be sure you’re connected to your broadband, as video conferencing uses a lot of GB. 

Online speed dating tips

Don’t neglect your grooming. Always make sure you’re clean, washed and tidy. Being on camera doesn’t mean you don’t need to bother. 


Do have a drink. By all means, enjoy a glass of wine or a beer while you chat. It’s a night in, but at the same time, it’s a night out!

Don’t get drunk. It might be tempting to use your bar beer money on the equivalent drink at home booze. You won’t come over at your best or be able to concentrate properly, so cap your alcohol intake. 

Do put your phone or smartwatch on silent with no vibration. Your time with each person is short, so you don’t want to be distracted and disturbed. Similarly, make sure you won’t get annoying notifications on the device you’re using, be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Don’t worry if you’re feeling anxious. This is really common, so you’re not alone, in fact, most people there will be feeling the same. By following our tips you’ll feel more prepared and less worried about the event, confident in the knowledge that you know what to expect and have an idea what to say. 

Do take turns asking questions. You may only get time for one each, but allow each other the space to do so. 

What should I wear for online speed dating?

Smart casual is the dress code. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can wear your tracksuit bottoms and an old hoodie. The way you dress will impact your attitude and even how you come across on screen. But you will only be seen from the waist, or chest up. So focus on that area and wear something flattering and memorable.

You can have some fun with accessories and pay attention to your hair (bearing in mind anything fancy at the back, or even side of your head, won’t be seen.  Work out to wear in advance. There’s nothing worse than realising two hours before that you don’t have a suitable outfit – or that it’s in the wash. Read more about what to wear when speed dating in this article.  

What to do after online speed dating

It can feel a bit weird when a video call with anyone ends, as it’s a very sudden click of a button – and online speed dating is no different. On the plus side, you won’t have to bother with taxis or small talk on the way out. Instead, spend the time afterwards evaluating your dates and working out who you’d like to see again. Enjoy a drink and congratulate yourself for taking a positive step in your love life. 


Related Questions 

  • How do you stand out at online speed dating? 

Our specific tips on preparing for online speed dating are really important. How you set up your shot and your screen technique will make you stand out from the crowd. Dress well with a splash of colour on your top half and a statement piece. 

  • What do you say in online speed dating?

As with any speed dating event, good questions are key. The things you say in online speed dating won’t be very different from the kinds of topics you’d broach at a venue (although cliches like ‘do you come here often?’ won’t apply!).

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