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Online Speed Dating  

online speed dating game

Can’t get out of the house but want to mingle with singles in your area? We have the answer. Slow Dating is now offering online speed dating, meaning you can still enjoy all the benefits of chatting to eligible people in your age bracket and region, but via the convenience of technology. So just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you miss out.  

Read on to find out how it works and about the exciting and innovative events happening, to connect you to local singles.  

Online speed dating

Online speed dating uk

You’ve heard of speed dating, and you’ve heard of online speed dating, but have you ever thought of trying the two together? Many people find standard online dating uninspiring. Trawling through profiles of random strangers just doesn’t work for everyone, which is why the face to face nature of speed dating is so enduring popular.   

But what if you can’t get out of the house, or would rather stay in the comfort of your own home? All the benefits of speed dating can be brought to your sofa, or the kitchen table, with virtual dates. You just need a WiFi-enabled device with a mic and camera, an unlimited data connection and a room that’s reasonably quiet to chat.  

Online speed dating events 

Online speed dating events follow the same format as the usual speed dating events. A moderator will run the evening, letting you know what’s going to happen and how it’s going to work. So don’t worry if you’re not well used to video chats, the process is guided and overseen.

You’ll be allocated your own private chat rooms for each date and have the same amount of time you’d have at an event held in a venue (four minutes). This is long enough to ascertain if there’s a spark and if you fancy seeing each other again.  

Afterwards, you can make notes on the person, before moving onto the next date. On the following morning, you simply submit your ticks and wait to see if you’ve got a match. That night, a post-event matching process takes place, so you don’t have long to find out the outcome.   

Online speed dating near me 

If you’re online speed dating, you may assume that it doesn’t matter where the people you’re meeting are based. But not so. Unless you’re happy to try a long-distance romance, dating locals is by far the better route to finding love. We arrange local events both at venues and online, so you can easily meet up afterwards and arrange a face to face date, without having to travel far.   

Speed dating UK 

We’ve been running speed dating io the UK for over 18 years, so have plenty of experiencing helping singles to not only find matches but have fun in the process too. We’re so sure you’ll be satisfied – if you don’t find someone you want to meet up with again, we’ll give you your next event for free! So you really have nothing to lose, and plenty to gain.

And now the world of speed dating is your oyster, without having to leave your front door. If you’ve ever had concerns about safety and security with face to face dating and meeting people from online dating sites, this is a great way to get out there, with total peace of mind. 

Playing the online speed dating game

Online speed dating game

If you’ve been to ‘traditional’ online speed dating events before, you may be wondering how they differ from online ones and what considerations you should make when booking. Here’s a rundown of the factors to have in mind.   

  1. You won’t be seen from head to toe. Your screen won’t take in your full body, so don’t bother trying to impress with a pair of statement boots, but do pay extra attention to your hair and face (slightly bolder make up can work well). And check what can be seen before going live – only wear your PJ bottoms if they are totally out of the camera’s sight. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort with your appearance.  
  2. Eye contact is even more important – know where your camera is and make sure it’s not obscured by anything. If your connection isn’t brilliant you may have a slightly grainy view. But your facial expressions and a smile will still be easily visible, so don’t waste your four minutes looking down or looking moody.  
  3. Make sure distractions are muted. That includes your phone, Alexa, the TV, doorbell and if necessary, put the dog in another room. Time is of the essence with speed dating, so don’t allow interruptions.  
  4. Plugin your laptop, or make sure your tablet is fully charged. Chasing around for a charger at the last minute is a rookie error! 
  5. Find a great backdrop. This setting allows even more of you to be communicated without words, as your home will be seen (albeit just a tiny glimpse). Setup somewhere that looks good and has appropriate lighting and a flattering angle.  

Find out more about how to look good on a webcam in this video. 


Staying in is the new going out. And with speed dating online your journey to romance can be just as productive at home. Once you have some matches, you can decide whether to meet in person at a future date, or enjoy another online date, just one on one.   

Related Questions 

  • Where is Speed Dating? 

Pretty much everywhere. You can find events in your local town or city. These are held at great venues, or online. It began in the nineties and has spread around the globe, making it an enduringly popular way to meet eligible people.   

  • How much does it cost for speed dating? 

The average price of a speed dating night is usually around £15 – £20. This applies whether online or in a venue, as there are equivalent costs (admin, hosts etc) for both options. And with online speed dating, you won’t have to splash out on a cab or bus fare! 

  • How do you sign up for speed dating? 

Easy. Simply Find an event in your area on our website, check if there are pace free for your gender (we have to have equal numbers of each for it to work), then click ‘book now’ to secure your place.  

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