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What Does a Matchmaker Do?

What Does a Matchmaker Do

As the world’s operations are increasingly going online, some traditional offline services are proving more popular than ever before. So how might this impact your search for love?

Dating agencies incorporate modern technology, scientific developments and age-old wisdom. The result is high rates of success and winning matches, saving the client time and stress. But what does a matchmaker do exactly, and how can they help you? 

In this article, we’ll uncover the secrets of the matchmaker and understand what they’ll be doing for you once you’ve signed up for their services. 

The professional matchmaker

No doubt you’re familiar with the ‘matchmaker’ from films, TV programmes and stories. Chances are you know someone who’s used a matchmaking service, but may not have known about it. Many busy professionals choose to outsource their search for a partner, freeing up their spare time, saving a lot of hassle and quite possibly a few tears. 

The matchmaker is a motivator, coach, networker and smart strategist ready to transform your love life. Keep reading to find out how. 

Matchmaker definition

By definition, a matchmaker is a person who arranges marriages and/or creates romantic introductions between single people. Historically the focus was on marriages, but while this will often have this as the end goal, they work to the client’s desires. So if you’re looking for a serious relationship but are not keen to tie the knot, they’ll work with that and match you with other singles who feel the same. 

How to be a good matchmaker

So why will a matchmaker be so much more effective when it comes to pairing you up? There’s a particular set of skills and knowledge that these professionals possess and they are what makes the matchmaker really good at what they do. 


A good matchmaker will have a superb instinct for who fits whom. Some individuals do just possess this gift naturally, like Robert Rinder (aka TV personality Judge Rinder), who has set up friends on dates, resulting in four marriages. Great dating agencies hire those with very best instinct in the business. But it’s not just their instinct that makes them so successful in this field… 


While romance can be mysterious and chemistry comes into play, there are some laws of attraction. And the matchmaker abides by them. We may assume that falling in love is all about the heart and soul, but there are some very practical factors that contribute to who we’ll fall for. And there are many more that indicate whether we’re likely to be compatible long-term, as well as finding someone attractive. 


They may be very well connected and a people person, but the matchmaker will never discuss you or reveal your details – unless with a match and with your permission. They offer an extremely safe, secure and private way to date. This is why the rich and famous often enlist the matchmaker’s assistance. This way they avoid the world’s prying eyes on the likes of internet dating sites. You might not want everyone at your workplace, or gym, or in your social sphere to know that you’re actively seeking a relationship. So if you’d rather not be accessible for anyone to check out online, the matchmaker offers complete discretion.


So how do we know a matchmaker has the skills and knowledge to achieve results? By their track record. This reveals whether their strategies really work and whether they have what it takes to make the right introductions. Check their reviews, testimonials and read about their success stories. Top dating agencies ensure the people making the matches are very experienced, with a host of happy clients. 

Good Matchmaker

The matchmaking game

The first thing a matchmaker will do when you sign up is to meet and get to know you. They’ll make notes form a psychological and personality profile, which they’ll then use for their matching process. They’ll learn about your journey so far, find out what is and isn’t working for you and of course, identify what you’re looking for in a mate. You’ll set realistic relationship goals together. Expect them, to be honest with you in a way your friends and family may not be. Not only do they know what they’re talking about, but they can also be objective. And after your dates, you’ll evaluate how it went, with constructive feedback and tips. 

Depending on your package they may also coach you on how to date, provide image consultations, advice on what to wear to your first date and work on building confidence and self-worth. In that sense, it’s akin to elements of life coaching. By hiring a matchmaker, you’ll get so much more than just dates. It may even change your life and your outlook for the better. 

Matchmaking database

A matchmaker with these qualities will get plenty of clients – and that means their dating agency will have a large database. This benefits you, as the more people in their pool, the higher their chances of having access to somebody suitable. And they won’t stop there. The dedicated matchmaker always has their eyes and ears open for a potential fit. So if you’re seeking a suitor and are signed up with them, they’ll have you in mind at all times. 

Matchmaker's Database

Great matchmaking stories

There are many great stories of successful matches out there. And these don’t happen by accident. Perhaps the societal idea of love is that it’s mysterious and granted by chance, but by using a matchmaker, you create your own luck and take control of your dating journey with confidence.

If you’re not keen on online or speed dating, have lacked romantic success in your life so far, or have little spare time and patience for DIY dating, a professional matchmaker is a perfect solution to find your soulmate.

Related Questions

Are matchmakers worth the money? 

Whether a matchmaker is right for you is an entirely personal choice. Dating agencies offer different options for individual budgets. Whether it’s worth the money will depend on how much you want to find love, and whether you prefer this method to online or speed dating. 

How do you become a matchmaker?

If you have a natural flair for coupling up your mates, you might be right for the role. You’ll need to study relationships and the science of attraction, then see if you can shadow a matchmaker or work as an assistant in a dating agency, to learn more. 


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