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Successful Speed Dating

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Have you been trying to meet someone for a while, but not getting the results you want?  80% of attendees at our events get a match, with over half getting two or more. This is why booking a place with a successful speed dating company is a reliable way to make introductions with eligible singles in your area. 

In this article, we’ll explain why we get such great results and how speed dating can change your romantic fortunes.  

Successful speed dating  

We know you don’t have time to waste and that going on endless unsuccessful dates can be soul-destroying.

Which is why we gather together large groups of people for an all-in-one, under one roof meet. Instead of having to ages, chatting, arranging to meet and travelling to and from individual dates, you can see what you think of 10-20 men or women, in just a few hours.  


What is the success rate of speed dating? 

Our techies have done some number crunching and have worked out that there have been an incredible 43,516 matches as a result of Slow Dating events held throughout the UK so far. This is a result of years of experience, running events and learning how to create the perfect format and environment to encourage matches 

No surprises that this has led to many relationships, and some nine marriages last year; well nine that we know about anyway! 

Is Speed dating better than online dating? 

It’s different. If you find it’s easier to work out whether you have a connection with someone by meeting face to face, then speed dating is likely to be much more effective – and a quicker process.

You may not find the same people are doing both, so it can be worthwhile signing up to a site and some speed dating events too.  

Is speed dating still popular? 

Even though everything seems to be going digital, there are some things that will always be better done in person and dating is one of them. So speed dating continues to rise in popularity and with all of us spending so much time online, many people prefer to attend an event than spend every evening (as well as every day) glued to a screen.

Unlike a singles night where everyone mingles, at a speed dating event, everything is planned out with a dedicated host leading proceedings. There’s no awkward hanging around, wondering who to chat to.  

How do you succeed at speed dating? 

Tips For A Successful Speed Dating Experience

We’ve established that speed dating is a successful medium. But how do you maximise it, so that you increase your chances of it being successful for you in particular?  

Bear in mind that you’ll be meeting a lot of people and in close proximity. Don’t say the exact same thing to each of them, or make replica jokes. It’ll seem insincere if you’re overhead (which you probably will be). Mix it up – at least until they’re a good few seats along from you.

You can overcome this by tailoring your comments to the individual, such as complimenting a specific piece of clothing or asking more about something they’ve said. Also, consider that some people come to these events with friends of the same gender. They may chat afterwards and you don’t want to be found out using the same trite line on all of them.  

How to win at speed dating  

Don’t just think about what you’ll say. Having someone listen to you, always makes them seem more interesting and appealing. It feels counterintuitive, as we tend to want to impress people with smart comments, or talking about our achievements, but actually just being quiet can speak louder than words. Show you’re interested in what he or she is saying, with eye contact, smiles and non-verbal responses.   

If you’re shy, you may have to be careful you don’t go the other way and say nothing. It’s all about balance.  


Speed dating questions 

You’ll have just four minutes with each date at one of our events. This is an ideal timeframe to find out a little bit about them and establish any rapport. But time is of the essence here, so you must seize the day. We’ve found that asking great questions breaks the ice and gets a feel of their personality.

And if you’re not feeling it, just be polite and friendly and remember – you don’t have to let them down at the end of the night, so you can relax and enjoy yourself without that worry hanging over you.  

If you’ve been getting nowhere with your love life recently, you can open many doors in one night, by giving speed dating a try. With so many events happening in great venues all around the UK, we have a night near you, to suit your schedule. And you’ll have a fun night out getting to know some new people. Who knows where it might lead…  

Related Questions 

  • What is the real date? 

A speed date is different to a standard date – although dates take many forms. Once you have a match you can choose to go out, just the two of you and have a real, full-length date – hopefully the first of many.  

  • What do you wear to speed dating? 

Smart casual dress is recommended. You should feel relaxed and comfortable, but smart and well-turned out. A splash of colour or an interesting accessory can help mark you out from the crowd, so it’s about being smart in what you wear, in more ways that one.   

  • What do you say when speed dating? 

Begin by saying hello, introducing yourself, let them do the same and then ask a question (if they don’t get in first). You might like to add in a little joke – if you’re comfortable doing so. Keep the chat light, fun and genuine.   

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