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New 40 Plus Online Dating Site

New 40 Plus Online Dating Site
Are you looking to meet people your own age and are unsure how to do it?  If so, a standard app or website may not work very well. By using a new 40 plus online dating site, you can narrow down your search to find people who share your life experience and emotional maturity.   Read on for tips on how, and where, to search for other singles within your age group.  

New 40 plus online dating site 

We have launched a new online dating site specifically for those aged 40 and over. This site provides forty-somethings with detailed profiles of suitable partners and has a very sophisticated who’s near me? feature, full messaging capabilities and a very advanced auto-matching system. And with more and more over 40s choosing to meet people in this way, your chance of meeting someone special has never been better or within easier reach.  

Online dating for 40-year-olds 

It tends to be the case that over 40s aren’t keen to randomly meet new people in bars and clubs. And with established careers, kids and homes likely to be in the equation, finding time to ‘get out there’ can be challenging.

Going online makes the process quicker, more effective and helps you to narrow down potential matches before even stepping out of the front door.   

Over 40 dating apps and dating sites 

Many fo the big-name dating sites don’t cater to a specific age group. And while you can reduce your search via filters, the brand itself won’t cater completely to more mature daters. Our over 40 dating site is tailored to your needs.  

Tips for 40 plus dating  

40 plus dating

If you’re new on the dating scene after a time away, you might feel a little daunted. This is completely natural. But in fact, you can enjoy a whole new lease of life and will probably find it much easier to meet new singles in your area, than the last time you were looking.   

How do you date in your 40s?  

Here’s our advice for embarking on your dating journey from your 40s and onwards.  

  1. Do something about it. You have less time to waste than when you were 30. Don’t spend months wishing you could find someone. Take proactive steps, by signing up to a dating site and attending some singles events.  
  2. Be patient – with yourself and others. It can take time to meet the right person, especially if you’ve not been single for a while.  
  3. Keep an open mind. Don’t have too set an idea of who you want to meet. Allow life to surprise you a bit.  
  4. Be prepared to compromise. Younger people tend to have fewer commitments and more flexibility – that means those relationships involve less compromise and you can build a life together almost from scratch. In terms of living circumstances and ideas, you may have more of a set path at this age. Don’t give up your life and ideas, but do be willing to bend a little.  
  5. Understand how you feel about kids. Because many people in this age bracket will have them. If you don’t want young children in your life, you may want to date someone older or look specifically for those without any kids. If you don’t yet have any and want some, make this very clear from an early stage. 
  6. And marriage. If you’re divorced and over 40, you may be against the idea of remarrying and assume anyone else in your age bracket would feel the same. But this will not necessarily be the case. So, ascertain if this is a deal-breaker for you, either way. And if it is, be sure to mention that it’s important to you, before things get too serious. 
  7. Learn how to flirt. If you’ve come out of a long term relationship or marriage, this may be a skill you need to brush up on, or never learned initially.  


Speed dating age brackets 

If you’d like to find eligible singles in your age bracket, but would rather do it face to face, you may want to consider speed dating. There are a variety of events offering different age brackets to suit what – and who – you’re looking for.  

Speed dating near me – over 40 

And the great thing about this type of dating, is that everyone you meet will live near to you! Did you know that as well as offering online dating, we are the UK’s favourite speed dating company

Coupling up and dating after 40 is often much calmer, happier and more contented than the flushes of young love. We grow in wisdom, have learned a great deal from prior mistakes in love and generally chill out quite a lot as we age. All of which is hugely beneficial for new relationships. So don’t delay. Take steps to get what you want out of life and enjoy this new and exciting phase.  

Related Questions 

  • What are the rules of dating after 40?  

There are no defined rules when it comes to finding love and dating. But we do always recommend that you treat everyone with the same respect and consideration as you would like to receive. Other than that, be sure to have fun and enjoy it! 

  • What age should a 40-year-old date? 

There are no rules in terms of age. It’s more about finding someone you click with. We organise speed dating by age brackets, as it’s often the case that people like to meet people from the same generation, to increase areas of common ground and compatibility. But age can just be a number for some.  

  • Can you fall in love in your 40s? 

Absolutely. Many people find they have more success in relationships post 40, as by this stage you have a much better idea of who you are and what you want in life. When it comes to love, there’s always hope and it often arrives in unexpected places and times.  

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