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The UK’s Favourite Speed Dating Company 

Speed dating UK
Do you want to meet someone, but are unsure how and where to do it? Slow Dating is the UK’s favourite speed dating company. We have frequent events throughout the country for all age groups, run by our professional and friendly hosts. Attending a speed dating night is a great way to increase your chances of meeting someone.  With lots of success stories, we’re sure you’ll have a great time.

The UK’s favourite Speed Dating company 

It’s official – we run more speed dating events in more cities than any other speed dating company in the UK. We are therefore able to offer you more choices and more matches than any other speed dating company in the country. And as 90% of our attendees say they would recommend us, we have a proven track record. 

Dating can be a numbers game – a case of meeting enough people until you find the right person for you. So the more singles you can meet in a short space of time, the better. And there’s nothing like meeting someone in the flesh to clarify whether there’s a spark. Which is why speed dating is so effective 

Slow Dating 

Why waste your time on endless fruitless meetups, when you can cover way more ground in the same time period as you’d usually spend on just one date. And with us, you don’t have the awkwardness of having to make your excuses if you’re not feeling it. Slow Dating offers a slick and seamless service. We’ve been arranging and organising these events since 2003. So we have plenty of experience and the know-how to help get you where you want to be.   

The best speed dating events 

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Our years of expertise have enabled us to hone the perfect events. Each date lasts for four minutes and you’ll meet a minimum of ten singles – it may be many more, as popular nights can attract in excess of 40 people.  

Some organisers plan for more or fewer minutes than four per person. But we find that this is the optimum amount of time to allow you to get enough of a picture of the person, without staying so long as to waste your time. We know you’re busy, and we work to maximise your time with us. Each event lasts around two hours with a twenty-minute break halfway. 

Speed Dating hosts 

You may be nervous before you come to an event. That’s totally natural and is why we have specially selected hosts to run each evening. They’ll welcome you, put you at ease and let you know exactly what to do. So you can relax and focus on working out who takes your fancy.  

Speed Dating age groups 

Another benefit of this type of dating is the use of age brackets to book places. This way you know you’ll not be going to meet anyone who’s way older or younger than you. We offer events with varying age brackets for increased flexibility, as some people have specific ideas on this, while others like to keep their options open.  

These age brackets include 20-37, 35-40, 30s and 40s, 40-55, 36-55, 38-55, 28-42 and more. This all helps you narrow down matches and doesn’t waste your valuable time by presenting you with people in age brackets that don’t work for you. 


Speed Dating near you 

We operate in 35 locations – and counting. That means you’ll be able to access one of our nights from almost every part of the UK. Our venues are stylish, comfortable and popular, with a mix of well-known bar groups and independents. 

Slow Dating venues  

The space within these venues is chosen to be just the right size to be conducive to chatting and dating – so you don’t have to worry about excessively loud music or overly large and imposing rooms. Not only will you get the chance to make a match, but you’ll also discover great new places to drink and have a fun night out. 

Check out some of the fantastic spots you can find us in

How does speed dating work? 

Once you’re ready to go for it, simply find which Slow Dating events are happening near you and when they’re taking place. You’ll need to book a spot – don’t turn up on the night without having done so, as the numbers have to be balanced. Your place will cost an average of around £20. On arrival, you’ll be signed in and take your seat. Your host will give everyone instructions and after each ring of a bell, you’ll meet a new ‘date’ for four minutes. Afterwards, you tell us who you want to see again.  

If you’ve been considering speed dating, why not give the UK’s favourite speed dating company a try and see if you like so many of our attendees, can find a fabulous match.   

Related Questions 

  • What is the success rate of speed dating? 

Over 80% of attendees at our events get a match, with over half getting two. And you’ll always succeed at meeting eligible singles, within your age range, who live in your area at every single event. Speed dating is very successful and we have many stories of our attendees finding love 

  • What do you say at speed dating? 

You only have a brief period of time in which to chat with each person – so don’t waffle. Ask some interesting open questions, listen and be sure to respond with lots of charisma when you’re asked questions.  

  • Where do singles meet? 

The most common places to meet a partner are through mutual friends, hobbies and at work. But singles also meet at parties, weddings, in bars, on holiday and at events designed specifically to matchmake. 

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