What Is Speed Dating? 


Are you tired of wasting time going on lots of blind dates and meeting people you‘ve met online, only to find you don’t click in real life? If you live a busy life it helps to cover as much ground as possible in a short space of time. Meeting lots of eligible singles under one roof in a couple of hours may just be the answer. But what is speed dating exactly and how can it help you?  

In this article, we’ll cover the 101 of speed dating and tell you everything you need to know about attending an event near you.   

What is speed dating and how does it work? 

Speed dating is held in a public place, arranged and hosted by an organisation or individuals. Attendees book in advance with a set number of tickets available to ensure an equal number of men and women turn up. This does mean that popular nights might sell out quickly.  

If you’ve had some time away from dating and are feeling nervous, then you’re not alone. These speed dating nights are designed to help you feel comfortable and make it easier to meet people and find out more about them. Here’s some useful advice on getting back into the world of dating, from an expert.  

What is a speed dating event? 

Events are usually held in bars and function rooms, with exclusive use or in a private area. They are advertised with specific age ranges, so you don’t worry about being much younger or older than everyone else either.

On arrival, you’re welcomed by the host. There’ll be a brief mingling period, where you can grab a drink at the bar. Then everyone is invited to take a seat at tables (or one long table), facing one other person.  

How does speed dating work? 

You have a set time to chat with each person present (usually between 2 and 6 minutes depending on the event). After this, a bell rings and the men move down a seat. This continues until you’ve had a ‘date’ with everyone in the room. Between each bell ring, you have the chance to make some notes and decide if that person is a match. Around halfway through, there’s usually a short break, for the bathroom and more drinks.   

At the end of the night, you submit the names of the people with whom you’d like to match and hopefully see again. Then the organisers compare and compile lists and email you with the results. If someone you liked also liked you, you’ll be provided with contact details - provided you’ve both given consent to this - so you can get in touch and arrange your next date! 

Many people find that meeting in person is the best way to work out if you’re likely to hit it off. Traditional dating is time-consuming and it’s hard to know where to go to meet other singles. This purpose created environment provides the opportunity to mingle with eligible singles in your age bracket. 

Speed dating near me 

It’s also really popular due to its accessibility. As it has grown in popularity, more and more events have been popping up in towns and cities across the UK (and the world), with increased success. Finding a night near you is easy. 

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Speed dating rules

Many singles have worries about going to meet strangers. Participants feel a sense of safety and security, because our events are hosted by professionals and take place in public venues. Anyone behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave by the host. 

So you have peace of mind and don’t have to worry about organising a ‘safety person’, or telling anyone where you’re going. (A safety person is someone you let know where and when you’re going, then check in with after the event. This way if anything happens, or you fail to get in contact, they could raise the alarm or come and look for you).

Is speed dating effective?

Speed dating near me  

Yes. This is a tried and tested way to meet suitable suitors. The New York Times found that participants land an average of 2 in 10 or 3 in 10 matches. The figure iss believed to be around 1 in 100 for online dating.

And speed dating is fun. As well as possibly meeting a future boyfriend or girlfriend, you get to make friends, have a laugh and hang out with some new faces. 

You can find out more about what speed dating is like, in our blog. But every single date, on every night, at each event, is totally unique. So the only way to know if you’ll find someone and enjoy it is to try it.

If you feel nervous, maybe see if you can persuade some other single friends to come along (ideally of the opposite sex so you don’t find yourself matching with the same people). Speed dating isn’t scary and with a great host in charge of proceedings, you can just relax and have fun. 

Related Questions

  • How much does speed dating cost?
It varies depending on location and time/date, however the average cost to take part is around £20. It’s a night out as well as an opportunity to meet someone.
  • How do you stand out at speed dating?
Think of some great questions to ask. Work out some great answers to questions you may be asked. Wear something with a bit of flair and colour. Be yourself, smile and carry yourself with good posture.