Valentine's Date Ideas 

It’s the celebration of all things love. So what should you be doing to mark February 14th this year?  We have a range of Valentine’s date ideas for those at every stage of their relationship journey. If you want to surprise your loved one, impress someone new or make the most of it as a single person, there are lots of great ways to spend the day and night.  

Read on for some surefire ways to put a smile on your date’s face this February, and discover the top trends for alternative Valentine’s nights out. 

Valentine's date ideas 2020 

Valentine's date ideas 

February 14th is the perfect opportunity to create a memorable date night - or day. Whether you’ve just started dating, been together for ages, or are single and looking for love, we have plenty of great ideas to inspire your Valentine’s adventures.

Unique valentine’s day ideas 

Do you like to keep up to date with the latest trends, or do you prefer the traditions of dinner, flowers and fine wine? Your choice of date should reflect who you are and suit both your tastes (don’t take them zip-lining if they’re afraid of heights!).  

Want to do something a little bit different on Valentine’s Day? Here are some of our top suggestions for unusual and quirky dates. 

  • Play an escape game 
  • Book an immersive dining or Murder Mystery night 
  • Head to a virtual reality cafe 
  • Go trampolining  
  • Book a singalong movie  
  • Meet for a drink at a ‘secret’ speakeasy bar 
  • Enjoy a 4D cinema trip 

Cute valentine’s day date ideas 

If you fancy something cute and cuddly, furry animals are the way to go. Some cities around the UK have Cat Cafes, where you can pet and play with the felines over a cake and cuppa. Or get outdoors for an alpaca trek experience - usually its two people per alpaca, so ideal for couples and you’ll get plenty of giggles along the way. Zoos and wildlife provide their own packages, with options to feed some creatures.  

First valentine's day ideas 

Fist Valentine together

Perhaps you’ve just met someone. Or you’re following up a match from speed dating. Or a friend is arranging a blind date for February 14th. If so, it can feel a bit awkward if you don’t choose well. Restaurants are littered with loved up couples on this day, often paying extra for special menus or Valentine-themed events. But don’t worry, there are lots of great options to choose from, that will still feel relaxed, but with an air of romance. You can find our recommendations for what not to do on a first date here.

What should I do for my first Valentine's Day? 

If this is your first Valentine’s Day together and you’ve been seeing each other for a while, you may want to pull out all the stops. Be sure to have a card and gift ready - homemade items can be a really nice touch. Check out local listings for great events in your area, perfect for Valentine dates (Eventbrite is useful for this). But if you’re in the very early stages, keep it casual. You could head to an organic winery or gin distillery together for tastings, take a wander around a farmers’ market, or wrap up warm and grab a bite to eat at street food stalls (weather permitting).  

Valentine speed dating

If you’re single and find Valentine’s period difficult, why not use it as motivation for taking a proactive step in your dating journey. Speed dating events happen throughout the year. Find one close to you and see if you could get a match and have a Valentine of your own by next year.   

Is Valentine's Day just for couples? 

No, certainly not. There are more and more fun nights popping up catering for singles on Valentine’s Day. Look out for ‘Pal-entine’s’ alternatives and singles events designed especially for this time of year. Or get a bunch of mates together and create your own.  

Valentine’s day ideas for her/him 

Knowing what to buy your lover can be a bit of a challenge. Traditionally men would buy women flowers, chocolate and wine - these are often still very popular. If you’re buying for a guy and stuck for ideas, have a look at these funky gift suggestions.  
Valentine’s Day is also a common date to choose for a proposal. In which case, a ring or fancy watch may be in order.  

How do I plan a romantic Valentine's Day?  

If your lover enjoys surprises, plan something in secret - do make sure they’re free and expecting something, or your plan could fall flat. You don’t need to be flash with the cash. A lovely home-cooked meal and their favourite movie are bound to go down well. Or create a treasure hunt of small gifts around the house or flat - make it as naughty or nice as you wish.

However, when you do have money to spend and you want to really create something special, you could whisk them away on a weekend break. Should time and budget allow, head further afield to see the northern lights, take an African safari, or bliss out on a Thai paradise beach. 

Are you wanting to up your romantic game and needing some lessons in love? check out this great video.  


Related Questions 

  • What is the importance of Valentine's Day? 
The day takes its name from St Valentine, who was said to have performed marriages in secret, at a time when it was illegal to do so. The Emperor discovered this and put him to death on February 14th. This date is now an international celebration of all things love.   
  • What couples do on Valentines? 
All sorts of things. Some people take bucket list holidays, get married, go for dinner, have a party or some stay home and do nothing. It’s really up to the individuals concerned, but it’s a nice excuse to express your feelings.  


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