8 Speed Dating Tips for Women

Are you new to speed dating? If so, you might be wondering how to maximise your chances of success.Speed dating is designed as an easy way to meet singles in your area, in an organised setting, without any pressure. However, there are things you can do to improve your experience and create a great impression. Read on for our speed dating tips so you can stand out and get the most out of the night.

Speed dating tips for women

If this is your first foray into the world of speed dating, you may have lots of questions or wonder if you need a strategy. The best way to approach it is to have fun and be yourself, although there are some other considerations that can help the night run smoothly and help you to feel like you’re making the most of the opportunity.

What should a woman wear to a speed dating event?

speed dating tips

#1 Wear a statement piece

Often the first thing we think about for a date and event is what we’re going to wear. This is important, but it’s certainly not everything. Make sure that you’re comfortable and feel great. But you can also use your clothing to your advantage.

To ensure you stand out from the crowd and stay in your dates’ minds is to wear a little something memorable. This could be a cool or quirky necklace, hairband, earrings, or top. Bear in mind that you’ll be seen, sitting behind a table, so while colourful shoes may be memorable, in this setting they won’t be visible.

#2 Plan some questions ahead of time

Speed dating is swift, so don’t leave gaps while you try and think of something to say. Go pre-prepared. Avoid anything too contentious, but ask questions that’ll help you get a better idea of who the person is, and what they’re about.

Speed dating tips: questions you might want to ask

#3 Keep an open mind

Apparently women are twice as fussy as men when it comes to meeting people at speed dating. Being picky isn’t a bad thing when choosing someone to share your life with, but this is very early stages, so keep your options open. Try not to go with a specific look or type in mind. Relax and see who you click with, without any preconceptions.

Speed dating do's and don'ts

Speed dating advice

#4 Do read speed dating reviews or Reddit

Online info can be a good guide as to what to expect. Check out the reviews on the individual organiser’s website and on forums, to get an idea as to whether this is a reputable and trustworthy company. The host and organiser make a lot of difference to an event - get a good one and you’re halfway to success. You’ll also get plenty of local advice from Reddit communities.

#5 Don’t worry about speed dating statistics

A big advantage of speed dating is that you’re guaranteed equal numbers of males and females - so the stats are certainly in your favour there. But otherwise, when it comes to love, anything can happen. Just take it as it comes and keep going, keeps meeting people. It could happen with the first person at the very first event, or it could take a while. Everyone is different, so have fun and your time will come.

#6 Do win at speed dating with confidence

Confidence is attractive, so ooze it. Think about how you sit, stand and hold yourself. Maybe practice introducing yourself, so you’ll be comfortable on the night. Smile, relax and the other person will feel at ease in your presence.

Speed dating follow up tips

tips for speed dating

#7 Seize the day

Once you get an email with a match, get in contact. Don’t delay and second guess your choice. It can be easy after the event and away from the event environment to feel shy and reluctant. But it’s well worth grabbing the opportunity, trying a full date and seeing what happens.

#8 Go again

This is really key with all forms of dating. If you don’t get a match don’t give up. And if you do, but it doesn't work out, keep trying.

Follow these tips and we’re sure you’ll have a fun and fruitful night. Do check out our FAQs, for anything that hasn’t been covered here - and happy dating!

Related Questions

  • What do you talk about at speed dating?
Anything you like! But remember this is the very first meeting, so keep it light. Don’t ask about exes, or demand to know their political leaning. Questions and chat that draws out funny stories and laughter is always a winner.
  • How do you do a speed dating event?
As an attendee, you just search online for one near you, book a place and turn up. The host takes care of everything else, including letting you know what to do when and making sure everyone’s welcomed.
  • How successful is speed dating?
Speed dating has become a popular and successful way for people to find love, all around the world. The statistics are good for getting a date and every event will ensure you get to meet available single people in your area.


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