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Congratulations to Mike & Emily!


Our Plymouth Host, Mike is getting married to his fiance Emily.

We are so excited to share their story, as they met at one of our Speed Dating event’s.

So you met your (now) wife at one of our Speed Dating events! When was this event?

Emily and I met at Plymouth’s Speed dating event on 26th October 2016.

Did you know that she was the one you were going to marry when you met her?

Not right away, we met before the event at the bar through a mutual friend at the event and started to talk before we had to take our seats, this made the 4 minutes very easy as we could pick up the conversation where we had left off. It was a few dates into our new relationship before I started asking myself is it too soon to ask her to marry me and will she think I’m crazy!?

What was it about her in that 4 minutes that drew you in?

We had very similar backgrounds with work and similar hobbies that gave us some common interests. Emily loves to run 12 hour and sometimes 24-hour endurance events so naturally, I started to run them as well to spend more time with her.

Where are you guys getting married?

We are getting married in Cornwall, Trevenna Barns in St Neot, a lovely converted farm surrounded by rolling hills. I took Emily there on a viewing and her expression when we arrived said it all.

What would you say to any singles that are thinking about giving Speed Dating a try?

Don’t be put off by being nervous, everyone is there for the same reasons as we were… To find a connection with someone and fall in love. It took me three attempts at speed dating to meet Emily, Love isn’t like in the movies fallen head over heals for someone within 4 minutes. But four minutes is enough to get to know someone, to have an idea if you’d like the conversation to continue. Then all you need to do is say Yes.

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