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Lock and Key Party

Lock and Key parties are something you just have to experience at least once in your life. A Lock and Key singles party is a great fun way of enjoying a night out and hooking up with someone new.

At an average Lock and Key event, you can expect to meet up to 200 professional singles looking to meet others locally. If you do not like the sound of speed dating, and are looking for something a little more informal, then this is perfect for you.

If you fancy coming to one of our Lock and Key parties please see the dates below. We do not cater for every city, but we would love to so register your interest and we will keep you up to date with singles events in your area.

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How the Lock and Key party works

On arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly hosts, known for the night as locksmiths :) who will welcome you and check you in. Our Locksmiths will then give you your personal lock or key - so that's a lock if you're female and a key if you're male. These are quite light and won't weigh you down. You are then ready to start mingling and enjoy the party.

Once you're comfortable, simply approach any member of the opposite sex to see if the key opens the lock. As you are move around the Lock and Key party, you will meet many different people and trying one another's Lock or Key serves as an ideal ice breaker giving you the chance to easily introduce yourself without any embarrassment. If the key doesn't open the lock, not to worry - onto the next person - you are on course to meet a large number of people in one night; remember it is a party after all.

If the key opens the lock, pop back to the locksmith's desk and the locksmiths will do two things � firstly, issue you with a new lock or key and secondly, give you a raffle ticket to enable you to win prizes. So, the more raffle tickets you get, the more chance you get of winning one of the prizes. Our Lock and Key format has a high ratio of keys that open locks so it is highly unlikely that you won't suffer the embarrassment of not getting a lock and key match. The beauty of the Lock and Key party format is that you can also play it cool, and wait for people to approach you.

See one of our Lock and Key parties in action...

"You never know you may find the key to your heart. 10/10!" - The Sun

"The consensus, especially for men, is that lock and key parties work well because the girls approach the guys instead of the usual vice versa." - The Times

"It felt more like a fashionable party where everyone knew everyone else than a sordid singles night." - The Observer

Lock n Key

As you look around the Lock n Key party, there will be plenty of people you will like the look of. Everyone attending the Lock n Key party will be single and looking to be in a relationship. With the Lock n Key format serving as the fun way of breaking the ice between people, you will soon lose your inhibitions and will be trying to match your Lock or your Key with others and hopefully hook up with someone special along the way. Bear in mind that our hosts and locksmiths will be on hand throughout the night to make the party go with a swing.


What if my Key unlocks a Lock?

This will happen! With our format, you have a very high success ratio. You have a one in five chance of a key unlocking a lock.

Remember as and when a key does unlock a lock, simply return to the Locksmiths desk to be issued with another lock or key, and collect a ticket to be entered into the draw for the chance to win a number of fabulous prizes. Once again, the more times you change your lock or key, the more chance you have of winning one of the great prizes. That's all part of the fun, but most of the fun is in meeting new people. Expect to meet a large number of people at our Lock and Key events. The potential to meet many new people is fantastic.

What else will be happening?

On some nights, there may also be a Flirt Wall on the evening. Here, you will have a free 'head and shoulders' polaroid photo taken which you add to the wall. Any admirers can leave their Flirt Card for you and you can leave yours with anyone that takes your fancy. Throughout the night you can check how many cards you have, and add cards to those that have left them for you if you want. At the end of the evening, remember to take all your cards and photo home with you!


Don't be shy, Give it a try

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by attending our Lock and Key Party. With over 100 fanciable singles partying the night away there is sure to be someone that takes your fancy. The atmosphere will be relaxed and remember that our hosts and locksmiths will be on hand all evening to help the party go with a swing. With the potential for lots of matching on the night, and our fantastic online matching engine after the event, there is every chance that you will meet someone special.

The Morning After

As a bonus, you are able to match with people via our matching system. The morning after the Lock and Key party, you will receive an email to let you know that the online matching system has been unlocked. You can then log in and enter who you would like to see again. Remember to upload your photo as an extra reminder to all those you met!

Our sophisticated online matching engine will automatically send you contact details of your matches. You are then free to contact your matches as you wish. Who knows, you could unlock something special.

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