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Christmas Lockdown Date Ideas

Christmas Date Ideas

December is upon us. This is traditionally a season of romance and magic, but it will, of course, look different in 2020. Yet there’s every reason to have fun and move forward with your love life this month, by trying out some Christmas lockdown date ideas. 

Christmas Lockdown date ideas

There may be much we can’t do at the moment, but dating is something we definitely can do. And with so many people finding more time on their hands, it’s a particularly ripe period to be finding and getting to know someone new. 

How do you make a lockdown Christmas special?

It’s absolutely possible to make this Christmas one to remember, even without the usual work nights out, parties and twinkling city centre markets. Necessity is the mother of invention, so as you have to think outside the box, you may find you create some extra special memories this year. 

Lockdown first date ideas

While the weather can get pretty chilly at this time of year, planning your very first date during the festive season might be just the right thing to warm up your love life. Here are a few suggestions for a Christmas first date.

Find the best gingerbread latte

Lockdown first date ideas

Do some research in your local area to discover the top reviewed cafe for festive drinks. The escape the cold, by meeting up indoors if possible (or outdoors for a takeout gingerbread latte and a stroll). You could make it your joint mission to find the best ones in the vicinity – giving a great excuse to repeat the date next week.

Have a workout

If the weather outside is frightful and you’re an active type, why not combine your workout with a laid back first date? Gyms are a safe, public, indoor space and while you’ll need to keep a distance, you’ll be able to chat from your respective machines without the intensity of staring at each other across a table. 

Order an at-home drinks tasting 

As many bars have had to close over this period, there’s been an uptake in at-home drinks tastings. With these, you order a pack to arrive at your respective homes. Then at a pre-arranged time, you meet using a video calling platform to sample each beverage and discuss their tasting notes. If you’ve been dating for a while and are in a bubble, you can do this in the same place for a night out, in. 

Lockdown date ideas for outside

Christmas Lockdown Date Ideas

Ladies pop on your favourite bobble hat and lipstick, and gents – the cold weather is the perfect excuse to warm up your date and have a flirt. It’s a win-win!

Enjoy a country walk

If you live in a town or city, add some variety to your life by heading to some nearby countryside. And along most country walks, there is usually a cosy country pub serving substantial meals. A hearty lunch is a great exercise initiative but going on a stroll with your date and taking in the British country air is sure to get your endorphins flowing too. If sparks are flying, you might want to take it to the next level and get romantic by holding their hand as you stroll. If restrictions mean you can’t get to the countryside, a park can be just as lovely. 

Go tobogganing

winter lockdown dates

While the UK doesn’t have masses of snow over the winter, you might just get lucky in your part of the world this December. You can buy a mini sledge and slide down hills, jump on a tea tray or even sledge on a bin bag! And if there isn’t snow, a sand dune or grassy bank will do. Who says adults can’t let their hair down and try something random? This would be a great first date and the suggestion alone would show a lot about your carefree and fun personality.

Lockdown date ideas for long-distance

Many couples are unable to meet up whether near or far. So this is a time of life when dating long distance might not look all that different. Perhaps you’re hundreds of miles apart. Or close by but unable to see each other in person. Whichever scenario you find yourself in, here are some cute ideas for date nights. 

Drink hot chocolate and watch seasonal movies

Who doesn’t love a hot drink and a cosy movie when the weather’s frosty outside? Snuggle up under a blanket with a mug of mulled wine and watch a rom-com like Love Actually or The Holiday. Or pop on a tearjerking black and white classic like It’s a Wonderful Life. You may not be in the same place, but you can still have a long-distance movie night. Watch the film together and chat about it in real-time by using Netflix Teleparty

Co-host a Zoom Christmas party

This is one for those who are starting to move forward with their dating relationship. If you can’t be together physically, but would love to introduce your date to some friends, you can still do it via a virtual Christmas party.  If you’ve already got good chemistry, you’ll have a blast. And they’ll get to see what you’re like around your friends or co-workers. Add in a themed quiz with some imaginative rounds and you’ll help the festivities go off with a bang.

Bake festive treats for each other

Lockdown date ideas for long-distance

Use a few ingredients you probably already have in the cupboard, to bake Christmas treats for each other. Get creative and sweet, to craft something that’ll make their heart go boom and their mouth water. You could use a video app to complete the whole process together Bake Off style. Or arrange an online meet time to show the results of your endeavours. Add bonus points if your finished item has a story. You can then enjoy tucking in with a cuppa as you catch up on the week’s events. There’s plenty of Yuletide recipe inspiration to call upon as you plan your masterpiece. 

If you’re struggling to find a date for the festive season, why not try online speed dating in the UK? This is open to those in every tier of restrictions and is a great way to proactively meet new singles. Don’t be lonely this Christmas, instead, take a leap of faith and try something new.

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